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The Impact of Digital Technologies on Teacher's Work

Keynote Seven | Andrew Smith | Saturday 24th of June - 9.30am | Grand Ballroom


The emergence and evolution of education technologies has significantly impacted the work of teachers. This session will explore the impact of these technologies on teachers and school leaders in the coming years. Building on an overview of the current state of digital technologies in schools, and how they have already impacted the nature of teaching from the way lessons are planned and delivered, to the way students are assessed and evaluated, the presentation will also look at the impact of technology on the workload and well-being of teachers.

Looking to the future, the presentation will explore the broader societal and economic implications of these technological changes, including the potential for new forms of inequality, the need for ongoing research and evaluation, and the importance of ensuring that all students have access to the necessary technologies and resources. Finally, the presentation will conclude by highlighting some of the key opportunities that education technology offers in an increasingly digital world and the importance of ensuring that teachers are properly equipped and supported to capitalise on this rapidly changing landscape.

Andrew Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Education Services Australia


Andrew Smith is CEO of Education Services Australia, a not for profit education technology company owned by all Australian education ministers. ESA develops and deploys national education infrastructure, develops digital education resources and provides technology-based services to the education sector.

Andrew has qualifications in education, science and business and brings to the role of CEO extensive experience and expertise in strategic leadership in the education, training and not-for-profit sectors. Having started his career in the classroom, Andrew’s previous roles include Vice President (Engagement) at Swinburne University and CEO of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training.

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