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Bianca Nuss

Founding Principal, The Village

About Bianca Nuss

Bianca Nuss is the Founding Principal of The Village School Gold Coast, the newest and smallest independent primary school on the Gold Coast. She has taught at numerous independent schools in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast prior to opening the school and is a Mum to two daughters; her motivation and inspiration for wanting to provide an additional option in the education landscape.


Being finalists in the 2022 Australian Education Excellence Awards for Non-Government Primary School of the Year and Non-Government Primary School Principal of the Year after the school only being open for six months, has been a career highlight to date.


Bianca believes the focus of schools should be on increasing student’s autonomy, their personal well-being and showing kindness, which will filter through to their academic ability; simply put, heart first then head. She is a big advocate for students engaging in courageous play and completing their own dynamic risk assessments and teachers being coaches and taking learning beyond the boundary of the school every day. Bianca’s passion is to change the face of learning, in students, teachers and parents.


 Thriving School Communities | Saturday 24th of June - 12.15pm | Roma Room



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