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Assessment and reporting: Reforming school-wide structures to promote student growth and engagement

Deborah Williams, Academic Dean, and Andrew Scott, Director of Curriculum Trinity Grammar School, Sydney

Conference Focus Area:   Curriculum: improving curriculum that empowers students to take the reins of their own learning

Presentation: Workshop


Trinity Grammar School is P – 12 School for over 2000 students in Sydney. In 2018 the School embarked upon a comprehensive reform of assessment and reporting, culminating in the release of new Semester Reports in 2019.

The twin principles driving this reform were student growth and student engagement. Traditionally, assessment and reporting have been premised upon an almost exclusively summative perspective. The purpose of this reform was to promote a learning culture that made progress visible to students, regardless of where they began; an understanding of student engagement as a personal act of agency rooted in consistent, learnable and changeable behaviours; and a clear focus on individual ‘next steps for learning’.

Working upon the premise that high quality, learner-centred assessment will drive high quality, learner-centred teaching, and analysis of student, teacher and parent voice data, the School reviewed its current practices, designed school-wide Assessment Principles and redesigned Reporting templates.

Research from the Australian Council for Educational Research on growth focussed assessment (such as Masters, 2014), and the Motivation and Engagement Scale (such as Martin, 2013) formed the evidence base for this reform.   This paper will outline the processes of review and reform, the impact upon school learning culture and improved student learning outcomes.


Deborah Williams is the Academic Dean at Trinity Grammar School responsible for the development of a student centred teaching and learning culture from PreK to 12. The School delivers NESA curriculum in K – 6 through the IB Primary Years Framework and in Years 11 and 12 offers both the NSW HSC and the IB Diploma Program. She has held the roles of Director of Teaching and Learning and Head of English at previous schools. Deborah is interested in the ways Schools promote an academic narrative that fosters growth and engagement for all learners.

Andrew Scott is the Director of Curriculum at Trinity Grammar School overseeing the delivery of NESA Curriculum 7 – 12. He is interested in the way Schools promote a culture of personal excellence and academic challenge through curriculum structures. Andrew is a former Head of English and teaches both the HSC and IB credentials at Trinity.

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