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Using data to inform, personalise and enhance learning: One school's data and feedback process

Lezah Semple and Nicolee Eiby, Deputy Head of Junior School and Head of Junior School, Ipswich Junior Grammar School

Conference Focus Area:  Exploring the use of data and research to enrich learning and feedback

Presentation: Workshop


At regular intervals students’ literacy and numeracy outcomes are measured using formative assessments.

These results are benchmarked against clearly defined achievable and aspirational goals. Results are analysed by classroom teachers and Leadership to ensure student growth is more than an effect size of 0.4 and/or prescribed growth for each assessment is achieved.


If students are not meeting the required growth, they receive targeted, short-term intervention. Through data analysis, students’ literacy and numeracy strengths and future growth areas are identified and collated for students and parents in a written Personalised Learning Plan.


Classroom instruction is differentiated to target students’ learning goals. Students know their goals and focused feedback conversations track and celebrate progress and achievement. Leadership hold regular data conversations with teachers to monitor students’ progress in meeting goals.


The Assessment for Learning and Feedback culture is supported by a range of documents outlining knowledge and skills for each unit and Student Friendly Rubrics are used to guide self- and peer- assessment, and teacher feedback.


Lezah Semple has been an educator for 15 years, holding a range of positions in state and independent education including Literacy and Numeracy Coach, and Head of Curriculum.


Nicolee Eiby has been an educator for 27 years, in a range of positions including classroom teacher, Head of Curriculum, Deputy Principal and Principal.


Lezah Semple and Nicolee Eiby are currently Deputy Head and Head of Junior School at Ipswich Junior Grammar School respectively. Ipswich Junior Grammar School is currently a finalist in the 2019 Australian Education Awards for Best Independent Primary School and Best Professional Learning Program

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