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The Voice Referendum and the implication for Curriculum & Schools

Keynote 2 | Professor Anne Twomey | Friday 23 June, 9:30am | Grand Ballroom


The debate on the Voice referendum has become confusing and complicated as it has moved away from matters of principle to technical arguments about possible legal interpretations.  This makes it difficult for educators to explain to students, but there remains a thirst for greater knowledge about it.  This talk will address the resources that teachers can confidently draw upon to inform their teaching on the subject, covering everything from how referendums work and what the Constitution is, to the proposed Voice referendum and the questions that have arisen in the public debate.

Professor Anne Twomey


Anne Twomey is a Professor Emerita at the University of Sydney where she taught Constitutional Law and Public Law for many years.  She has previously worked for the High Court, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Research Service, the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee and the Cabinet Office of New South Wales.  She was a member of the Constitutional Expert Group advising on the Voice Referendum.  She is actively engaged in public education on constitutional matters.

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