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Curriculum Maps with a fully integrated approach to delivering Australian Curriculum, based on the Kunwinjku seasonal calendar and Learning on Country Program

Elective | Kelly Green | Saturday 24th of June, 11:30pm | Terrace Room

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Schools are unique and reflect the characteristics of the surrounding community. Designing purposefully connected curriculum involves capitalising on the complex interconnections between local people and the environment.  At Gunbalanya Independent Public School the Kunwinjku seasonal calendar is the foundation for our Early Years, Primary and Middle Years curriculum maps, and our Pedagogy of Place approach furthers our commitment to relevant, engaging and authentic teaching and learning programs. We will share the school’s journey in creating integrated units of work that layer the Australian Curriculum over local Indigenous Knowledge Domains and empower students as active citizens.

Kelly Green

Lead Teacher, Gunbalanya Independent Public School 


Kelly Green is a Lead Teacher specialising in Remote Indigenous EAL/D Education and Curriculum, currently based at Gunbalanya Independent Public School in the Northern Territory. She has over 34 years of teaching experience, largely serving in remote NT schools, as well as Darwin, QLD and the United Kingdom.  Kelly has had ongoing involvement with policy, curriculum and resource development at school and system level. As a professional learning leader and dedicated mentor, Kelly guides whole staff professional development processes and works closely with assistant teachers, graduates and aspiring teacher-leaders. Recently returned from a Churchill Fellowship study tour to the United States, Canada and Mexico, Kelly is committed to strengthening approaches to Indigenous EAL/D Education.  She believes that genuine partnering and recognition of the equal value of Indigenous and Western Knowledge systems and methodologies can redefine the perception of schools within Indigenous communities.

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