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Curriculum Implementation that’s having a positive impact inside the school gate.

Workshop | Megan Kelly, Dr Amy Birungi, Dr Perry Wong, James Hoffman | Friday 23rd of June, 4.15pm | Roma Room


Responding to NSW’s curriculum reform, the NSW Department of Education is delivering a comprehensive model of curriculum implementation support to service students, teachers and school and system leaders from pre-school to Year 12. Join us to hear about an ‘early adopters’ initiative which received highly positive feedback from participating schools. Our session will explore what we did, the benefits of this model and the changes we’re seeing from teachers and students as they engage in new pedagogies and learning.

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Megan Kelly & Team

Executive Director, NSW Department of Education

About Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly is the Executive Director of Curriculum and Reform at the NSW Department of Education. The NSW Curriculum Reform is a program to deliver a new curriculum for Kindergarten to Year 12 from 2024. The Curriculum Reform is an opportunity to support teachers in NSW Public Schools to implement and teach the new curriculum with a focus on evidence based pedagogy and assessment practices. The Curriculum and Reform team provides comprehensive implementation support to teachers, school and system leaders which includes professional learning, advice and resources.

About Dr Amy Birungi

Dr Amy Birungi is the Director Curriculum Early Years and Primary Learners at the NSW Department of Education. Amy is interested in how education systems can provide implementation support for teachers and leaders in the school and early childhood education and care sectors so that curriculum is implemented with confidence and fidelity across a diverse range of contexts.

About Dr. Perry Wong

Dr Perry Wong is the Leader, Curriculum Implementation at the NSW Department of Education. His diverse background and interest in educational research and evaluation and teacher professional learning strengthen his ability to lead workstreams that support teachers in effectively embedding evidence-based teaching and learning within the curriculum across Pre-school to Year 12. These workstreams form part of the NSW Curriculum Reform, and provide implementation advice, support, resources and professional learning to teachers, and school and system leaders.

About Mr James Hoffman

Mr James Hoffman is an innovative educational leader who has played an integral role in the development of professional learning and resources to support primary teachers with curriculum implementation in NSW.  Currently serving as the Leader, Primary Curriculum in the NSW Department of Education, James is committed to promoting evidence-based pedagogy and assessment practices that drive student success.

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