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The Impact of Collaborative Practice on Culture and Innovation

The Garth Boomer Legacy & Garth Boomer Award | Dr Deborah Price | Thursday 22nd of June - 1.20pm | Grand Ballroom

What was Garth Boomer's Educational Philosophy?

Garth believed in the power of children to learn, the promotion of children's understanding of how they learn, and the value of inquiry and experiment in learning. He strongly advocated that teachers should negotiate curriculum with their students. Such negotiation requires that, for example:

  • curriculum intentions should be made explicit to students

  • students should be 'actors' and not just 'acted upon'

  • curriculum, including assessment, must involve collaboration between teacher and student

  • power relationships in the classroom, school or system should be examine


Garth Boomer (1940-93)

Garth was one of Australia's major contributors to the advancement of school based curriculum development. Through his publications and his work as the Director of Wattle Park Teachers Centre in Adelaide, Garth encouraged teachers to see education as a collaborative partnership between themselves and their students. During subsequent positions as Director of the Curriculum Development Centre, Chairman of the Commonwealth Schools Commission, Interim Chair of the Schools Council and Associate Director of Education in South Australia, Garth was also an advocate for teachers being responsible for what is taught in their own classrooms.


Why does ACSA present the Award?

It is appropriate that ACSA recognise and commemorate Garth's substantial contribution to educational thinking and practice, because ACSA and Garth share a similar educational philosophy. Garth was involved in establishing ACSA and he supported ACSA directly in a number of ways, including the organisation of the first Biennial Conference in Adelaide in 1983.

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Dr Deborah Price

ACSA President, Research Degree Coordinator of Uni SA

About Deborah Price

Dr Deborah Price is the Research Degree Coordinator and Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education and Wellbeing at the University of South Australia Education Futures and is the Portfolio Lead: Partnerships on the executive of the Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion (CRESI).

Deb Price's research, teaching and scholarship span inclusive education and wellbeing which advocate capability and codesign approaches, valuing the diversity and voice of young people. Her current research contributes to the broad themes of social justice and equity, with a particular focus on: disability studies and special education; inclusive education; learner, educator and community wellbeing; youth studies; relationships and identity; bullying and cyberbullying; alternative education; culturally and religiously responsive pedagogies; inclusive curriculum; initial teacher education; and educational influence. 

Deb Price led the Youthworx South Australia initiative in collaboration with local councils and not for profit organizations focused on Re-engaging youth in learning and employment through the creative art of film-making. Deb Price has also been a Chief Investigator for Commissioned Research including Teacher Wellbeing for the Australian Independent Schools Association, New South Wales.

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