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2023 National Curriculum Conference

How do we ensure we use disruption in the educational setting to connect and enhance the ability of all to thrive?

Thursday 22nd - Saturday 24th June 2023

In-person and Online at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Brisbane, Australia


The conference aims to provide opportunities for educators to explore how schools, teachers and leaders of curriculum, can empower people to see change as an opportunity to connect and thrive.

Attending the conference will enable delegates to:

  • Understand that disruption can create opportunities.

  • Explore ways that education can help young people connect and thrive.

  • Discuss how connecting curriculum and wellbeing enables thriving school communities.

  • Network and build relationships

  • Learn from others through sharing and hearing about a diverse range of educational practices that translates ideas to practice.

Who should attend the Conference?
All educators: Teachers, curriculum leaders, curriculum academics and scholars, school leaders, teacher educators, pre-service teachers and curriculum developers.


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