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Thriving Teachers, Despite Disruption

Keynote 1: Garth Boomer Opening AddressLaureate Professor Jenny GoreThursday 22nd of June, 1.40pm | Grand Ballroom


Massive societal disruptions to schooling over recent years have challenged what it means to teach, with dire consequences for teachers, students and the wider community. This address provides a counternarrative, anchored in data from multiple studies, from case studies to randomised controlled trials, examining the effects of Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) professional development. The evidence is clear – QTR builds connections among teachers, across subject areas, grade levels and years of experience, and fortifies their connection to the profession. I argue that professional support, such as QTR provides, is sorely needed to disrupt current conditions in schools and help teachers thrive. 

Jenny Gore

Laureate Professor,  Director, Teachers and Teaching Research Centre


Laureate Professor Jenny Gore is Director of the Teachers and Teaching Research Centre at the University of Newcastle. Jenny tackles persistent educational challenges through programs of research on teacher development, pedagogical reform, enhancing student outcomes, and the formation of aspirations.

She has been awarded more than $27 million in research funding and her publications have been cited 15,000 times. Jenny’s research on improving the teacher and student outcomes through Quality Teaching Rounds led to the launch of the Quality Teaching Academy in 2020 and won the prestigious Engagement Australia Excellence Award for Research Impact in 2022. 

Jenny has also been recognised by the Australian Council for Deans of Education for outstanding contributions to education reform and as elected Fellow of the American Educational Research Association for her expertise across diverse research traditions. In 2022, she was named Australia’s leading researcher in Australia in the field of teaching and teacher Education, an award that filters for both quality and impact.

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