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The Importance of Curriculum During Times of Disruption

 Keynote 3 | Jordana Hunter | Friday 23rd of June, 9.55am | Grand Ballroom

Keynote 3 | Abstract

Taking a whole-school approach to designing and implementing a knowledge-rich curriculum is one of the most powerful things schools can do to set students up for success in a changing world. This will draw on Grattan’s published research from our October 2022 report on Ending the Lesson Lottery.

Dr Jordana Hunter

Education Program Director, Grattan Institute


Dr Jordana Hunter is the Director of the Education Program at the Grattan Institute. She has a PhD in education policy design and implementation and has co-authored multiple reports on school education policy and school improvement. Her most recent reports include Ending the Lesson Lottery: How to improve curriculum planning in schools and How to implement a whole-school curriculum approach: A guide for principals. Prior to joining Grattan, she worked in federal and state governments.

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