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How gifted education is viewed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

Paper Presentation | Monique WerdaFriday 23rd of June,  3:50pm | 


For the past thirty years, Australian research has attempted to address the underrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in gifted education programs. The study we will report on is an investigation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ views of these programs. Broadly, for this paper, attention will be directed toward excerpts from the Australian Curriculum that are associated with gifted education programs. Using the qualitative research methodology of participatory action research infused with Yarning, Dadirri and Ganma, this study investigates with, rather than about Indigenous Peoples. By listening to the voices of Indigenous youth, this study seeks to decolonise curriculum and policies aligned with gifted education, working towards more equitable outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

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Presenter Bio

Monique Werda | PhD Candidate, Griffith University; Head of Academic Engagement, Keebra Park SHS

Monique Werda is a PhD candidate at Griffith University. Her research is focused on ‘How gifted education is viewed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’. Monique is also a full time Head of Department of Academic Engagement at Keebra Park State High School, where she leads curriculum teams to support and challenge high performing academic students.

Her work in the field of gifted education includes presentations at the University of Sydney’s FutureD conference in 2019 and presentations at the Queensland Association of Gifted and Talented Children (QAGTC) in 2019 and 2023. Monique is also the former president of the QAGTC – Gold Coast.

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