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Leading Curriculum Change: the NSW approach

Paper Presentation | Dr Perry Wong and Dr Amy BirungiFriday 23rd of June, 2:35pm | 


The NSW curriculum reform seeks to create an education system that meets the needs of every child. The NSW Department of Education is implementing a comprehensive model of support to ensure that all schools are well-prepared and are able to confidently teach the new syllabuses.

A project was implemented in 2022 with almost 400 early adopter schools who trialled the model of support while implementing the new syllabuses for English and mathematics. A mixed-methods approach was adopted to test this project, informing refinements to the model as it is applied to other new syllabuses and across different stages of school.

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Presenter Bios

Dr Perry Wong | Leader, Curriculum Implementation

Dr Perry Wong is the Leader, Curriculum Implementation at the NSW Department of Education. His diverse background and interest in educational research and evaluation and teacher professional learning strengthen his ability to lead workstreams that support teachers in effectively embedding evidence-based teaching and learning within the curriculum across Pre-school to Year 12.

Dr Amy Birungi | Director, Curriculum Early Years and Primary Learners

Dr Amy Birungi is the Director Curriculum Early Years and Primary Learners at the NSW Department of Education. Amy is interested in how education systems can provide implementation support for teachers and leaders in the school and early childhood education and care sectors so that curriculum is implemented with confidence and fidelity across a diverse range of contexts.

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