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Audience and Lecturer


Guest Speakers 

National Curriculum Conference

Thursday 22 June 2023 to Saturday 24 June 2023

Hotel Grand Chancellor, Brisbane




Speakers Confirmed (as of November 2022)


Jordana Hunter, Education Program Director, Grattan Institute: Importance of curriculum during times of disruption

Julie King, ACARA: Australian Curriculum v9 update

Professor Beth Saggers, The Centre for Inclusive Education: Disability and Inclusive classrooms

Sharon Foster, Curriculum Director at ACARA: The Power of Curriculum

Martin Westwell, Chief Executive, Department of Education SA: Expert Viewpoints - Tapping into Wisdom

Emeritus Professor Alan Reid, UNI SA, Education Futures: Expert Viewpoints - Tapping into Wisdom

Greg Whitby, Executive Director, Diocese of Paramatta NSW: Expert Viewpoints - Tapping into Wisdom

Jacqui Wilton, CEO of QCAA, QLD Curriculum & Assessment Authority: Expert Viewpoints - Tapping into Wisdom

Jill Willis, QUT, The Centre for Inclusive Education: Linkage Project - Accessible Assessment that Caters for All Children

Patrea Walton, Education & Leadership Consultant: Future Considerations for Curriculum

Dr Emily Ross, USC, QLD: Differentiation in Curriculum and Pedagogy

Dr Deborah Price, UNI SA, ACSA President: The Garth Boomer Legacy

Liz Benson, Principal Program Officer, Leadership, Department of Education QLD: Curriculum Leadership

Joanne Gordon, QCAA, QLD Curriculum & Assessment Authority: Assessment

Deanne Johnson, QCAA, Curriculum & Assessment Authority: Critical and Creative Thinking

Dr Sara Weuffen, UNSW, Teaching Coach: Developing Cohesive & Inclusive Pedagogical Narratives

Max Lenoy, ACARA: Deep Time History - Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

Dr Greg Vass, Griffith Uni QLD: Embedding First Nations Peoples Perspectives in the Curriculum

Helen Connelly, The Commissioner for Children & Young People: How Do We Shape Curriculum Holistically?

Bianca Nuss & Michaela, The Village School: Courageous/Risky-Play

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