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Our Sponsors

Meet the sponsors of the 2023 ACSA Biennial National Curriculum Conference.

Gold Sponsorship 

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Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. Confident students are successful learners, so we design tools that keep them moving toward their goals. We develop transformational, cutting-edge teaching and learning tools that promote analysis, evaluation, synthesis and application. Cengage is a leading content creator, and the number one higher education publisher in Australia. Our research content is used in 100% of university libraries in Australia and New Zealand. We have a dedicated and specialised sales force with representatives in every major city in Australia and New Zealand. Cengage has strong links to international markets and through the integration of specialist content, unmatched services and digital solutions. We deliver your best-in-industry experience. Cengage is known in the education sector through Nelson Primary, Nelson Secondary, Higher Education and Gale.

Silver Sponsorship 

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MultiLit is a leading provider of effective literacy instruction in Australasia. Our mission is to ensure every child learns to read. MultiLit’s evidence-based literacy programs, resources and tools are grounded in research and based on the science of how children learn to read. All MultiLit programs and assessments are extensively trialled in classroom settings, ensuring they are user-friendly and practical for use. Through our School Partnerships team, MultiLit provides a comprehensive professional development program to ensure effective implementation and create positive teaching environments, as well as providing ongoing support. The highly respected MultiLit Research Unit (MRU) provides a focus for systematic scientific enquiry and a data-driven approach into how best to meet the instructional needs of students who have difficulty learning to read. As part of MultiLit’s holistic approach to literacy, personalised tuition is provided through MultiLit Literacy Centres and free community resources are available through the vibrant Five from Five education initiative. MultiLit publishes picture books through Putto Press, and academic texts through MRU Press, with these and other quality publications available through our online Bookshop, or for schools through our Members’ area. To find out how MultiLit can work with you, please visit our display booth.

Department of Education QLD

Gold Sponsorship 

More info to come.


Silver Sponsorship



The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is the principal revenue collection agency of the Australian Government. It offers a range of curriculum-aligned resources to support the teaching of tax and superannuation using authentic contexts. Paying It Forward is a free teaching resource written by Australian primary school teachers for teachers. It focuses on teaching civic values and actions to help establish strong foundations for learning about tax and superannuation. The resource is fully supported by curriculum mapping and assessment guides. The ATO also offers a free 2 hour online accredited teacher professional development course. Our secondary school resource Tax, Super + You is a complete learning management system and includes fun, animated and interactive elements designed to appeal to students. The resource is fully mapped to the Australian and state curriculums and provides teachers, parents and students with practical, real-world resources to help teens understand the ins and outs of tax, superannuation and managing their finances.

Bronze Sponsorship 

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The Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) is the peak body representing the interests of Catholic education in Queensland. QCEC works with Catholic School Authorities, state and federal governments, other education sectors, and stakeholder organisations and advocates for schools in areas including curriculum, education policy and school funding. QCEC’s work supports the education of young people so they can achieve the best possible outcomes and contribute effectively to their communities.

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