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Autistic Learners - Thriving not just Surviving

Elective | Beth Saggers | Saturday 24th of June - 10.45am | Wickham Room


Reporting on current Autism CRC research that is helping to inform the Commonwealth governments National Autism Strategy. This session will provide details of a recent Autism CRC Australian research project that maps international literature in the field across seven themes as well as findings from some recent National empirical research that identify enablers and barriers to autistic learners thriving in education. This session highlights the how the heterogeneity and complexity in  autistic learners needs can increase the risk that creates for multiple marginality in our schools

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Professor Beth Saggers

Professor, The centre for Inclusive Education


Beth is a Professor in The Centre for Inclusive Education (C4IE) and a member of the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice. Beth has educational practice and research experience in autism, inclusive education, disability, social emotional competence, wellbeing and challenging and complex needs. She has engaged in research in schools that informs policy and practice including leading the national Autism Educational Needs Analysis.

She has published over 70 journal publications, books, book chapters and research reports and is an active researcher in Program 2: The School Years for The Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC).

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