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Curriculum Inquiry - Academic Scholars
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Constructing a rich curriculum for all: Insights into teaching practices in Queensland Secondary Schools

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Associate Professor Stewart Riddle

Professor Martin Mills

Associate Professor Glenda McGregor 

Leading Curriculum Change: the NSW approach

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Amy Birungi 1.jpg

Dr Amy Birungi

Understanding curriculum hierarchies, curriculum justice
and curriculum form in Australian Senior Secondary Education

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Dr Philip Roberts

Dr Kate O'Connor

Publishing in Curriculum Perspectives

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Dr Philip Roberts

Dr Deb Price

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Rebecca Cairns

Dr Kate O'Connor

Screenshot 2023-05-08 131732.png

Student voices in the Australian curricular landscape:
an analysis of student participation across sites of curriculum making

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Rebecca Cairns

Teaching Intercultural Understanding in
Australian International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Schools

Shaoru Annie Zeng photo.jpg

How gifted education is viewed by
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

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Monique Werda

Disrupt auto pilot during social interactions between
a leader and a team member to build trust, connect, grow and thrive

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Judi Newman

The borderland of middle leading: forming identities
& leading school subject English (SSE) in the Public High School

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Arlene Roberts

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