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Designing Quality Assessment

Master Class | Kathryn Tully & Virginia Ayliffe | 22 Thursday, 3:00pm | Terrace Room


The alignment of assessment with curriculum, teaching and learning is the linchpin to efforts to improve both learning opportunities and outcomes for all.” Wyatt-Smith, Klenowski and Colbert (2014) 

Assessment tasks create the opportunity for learners to demonstrate the depth of what they know and can do. Creating quality assessment tasks that provide meaningful feedback of what is taught and learnt in the curriculum requires attention to the needs of students, the curriculum and elements of quality task design.  This Masterclass will consider strategies teachers can use to create tasks using the Australian Curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards, through P-6 English examples. It will provide strategies for creating task-specific criteria and explore how to align task expectations and task-specific criteria.  

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • examine the process for task design 

  • explore strategies to use the achievement standard to develop a task-specific marking guide 

  • consider the process of task design by looking at an authentic sample. 

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Presenter Bios

Kathryn Tully | Director, K-10 Curriculum and Assessment, QCAA

Kathryn Tully is Director, K-10 Curriculum and Assessment Branch at the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Kathryn oversees the development of advice, resources and professional development to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum across Prep-Year 10, and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline.  She is passionate about delivering high quality resources and professional learning that supports schools and teachers to design curriculum and assessment that is engage for learners and supports them to succeed.

Virginia Ayliffe | QCAA

Virginia’s passion for teaching English and the English curriculum began over 20 years ago in Central Queensland and subsequent schools along the coast and in Brisbane. She now works at QCAA in the Policy and Resource Development, K-10 Curriculum and Assessment Branch at the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. After her secondment to ACARA for the review of the Australian Curriculum: English, she works with QCAA staff to provide advice, resources and professional learning for Queensland’s teachers and schools. Currently, the team is supporting schools with familiarisation and planning for Version 9.0 of the Australian Curriculum.

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