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Gold Sponsor Highlight - Cengage

Friday 23 June - 12.50pm | Amanda Cunnington | Grand Ballroom 


Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. Confident students are successful learners, so we design tools that keep them moving toward their goals. We develop transformational, cutting-edge teaching and learning tools that promote analysis, evaluation, synthesis and application. Cengage is a leading content creator, and the number one higher education publisher in Australia. Our research content is used in 100% of university libraries in Australia and New Zealand. We have a dedicated and specialised sales force with representatives in every major city in Australia and New Zealand. Cengage has strong links to international markets and through the integration of specialist content, unmatched services and digital solutions. We deliver your best-in-industry experience. Cengage is known in the education sector through Nelson Primary, Nelson Secondary, Higher Education and Gale. 


Amanda Cunnington 

Nelson Cengage is a leading School Education business in Australia and New Zealand, committed to producing customer first solutions and services across 7-12. Our extensive Secondary portfolio of digital and blended teaching and learning resources delivers curriculum implementation support to enrich the learning experience. The student and educator are at the centre of Nelson’s learning ecosystems.

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