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Facilitated Discussion and Reflection

  Friday & Saturday 23rd - 24th of June

Friday, 12:40PM

Participants have already heard a range of opinions and ideas from panelists (and previous speakers) about challenges, opportunities and priorities for education in Australia. Participants are asked to now consider their own school / university / learning place.

  • How is their learning place currently functioning?

  • Are national, state and local initiatives, policies, challenges and ideas putting strains and pressures on the staff and students?  

  • Is the learning place thriving and full of optimism for a better future for all its students and teachers?

  • Participants develop and sketch a METAPHOR to describe their sense of the current status of their learning place. 

  • Participants consider ways to bring about a positive future for all. Participants share their metaphor and thinking with others.

Saturday, 9:50AM

Participants have now heard from a rich array of speakers, and their ideas, opinions and initiatives.

  • What will participants do once they leave the conference?

  • What actions will participants put in place once they are back at their learning place?

  • And who will lead these actions?

Participants are asked to copy the table below and develop a brief action plan for moving forwards by completing the table. Participants share their ideas and thinking with others.

Describe the idea or initiative that was of interest

What might be done about it?

Who might do this work?

When might it need to be done?

Jenene Rosser

ISQ QLD, Executive Manager, Curriculum & Assessment


Mrs Jenene Rosser is the current ACSA Conference Convener, and the Executive Manager (Curriculum & Assessment), Independent Schools Queensland. Jenene represents Independent Schools Australia (ISA) on the ACARA F – 12 Curriculum Reference Group (CRG) and is also a member of the ACARA Curriculum Directors Group (CDG).

She represents Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) on a number of committees and working parties for curriculum and assessment in Queensland. Her active interest in curriculum theorising and curriculum scholarship, showcases her passion around equity in education. Jenene has been a long-term supporter of ACSA.

How will you know if this action has been successful?

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