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Jenene Rosser

ISQ QLD, Executive Manager, Curriculum & Assessment

About Jenene Rosser

Mrs Jenene Rosser (MEd, BSci, BEd, DipEd) is the current ACSA Conference Convener, and the Executive Manager (Curriculum & Assessment), Independent Schools Queensland. Jenene represents Independent Schools Australia (ISA) on the ACARA F – 12 Curriculum Reference Group (CRG) and is also a member of the ACARA Curriculum Directors Group (CDG).


She represents Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) on a number of committees and working parties for curriculum and assessment in Queensland. Her active interest in curriculum theorising and curriculum scholarship, showcases her passion around equity in education. Jenene has been a long-term supporter of ACSA.


 Thursday & Friday 22nd - 23rd of June - 3pm 

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