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Curriculum Leadership

Master Class | Liz Benson | Thursday 22nd of June, 3:00pm | Roma Room

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You know that leading curriculum in schools involves more than knowing the curriculum. In this session we will explore your leadership practice and how you can amplify your leadership strengths to lead your team to create learning environments where all children thrive. Specifically, we’ll look at leadership strategies that will help you with the challenges of leading from the middle, including:

  • Unpacking the complexities of curriculum leadership and why it’s more than knowing the curriculum.

  • Identifying your strengths as a curriculum leader, and devise an action plan your leadership development.

  • Exploring The 5 Dimensions of Trust and how you can tap into these to influence and lead curriculum improvement (including implementing V9 of the Australian Curriculum).

This session will suit primary and secondary curriculum leaders who wish to be re-energised and inspired.

Liz Benson

Director, Pivotal Leadership (Leadership Coaching and Educational Consulting) Executive Officer, Adolescent Success

About Liz Benson

Liz believes that ‘every student deserves a great teacher, and every teacher deserves the opportunity to be great.’ As such, Liz’s career has been dedicated to building teacher capability through leading curriculum and pedagogy in secondary schools. Liz now specialises in creating opportunities for middle leaders in schools to thrive. This has led Liz to establish Pivotal Leadership, offering coaching and mentoring opportunities for middle leaders.

In 2018 Liz established the ACELQ Pivotal People Middle Leaders network on the Gold Coast. Pivotal People is a professional collegial network for educators leading from the middle that aims to create engaging and intellectually stimulating conversations about issues important to middle leaders. This network has expanded to Brisbane and has provided professional learning for over 250 middle leaders.

Liz is currently the Executive Officer, Adolescent Success, and an Australian Council of Educational Leaders Queensland Branch Executive Board Member. Her previous roles include Leadership Development for the QLD Department of Education, Deputy Principal, Pedagogy and Curriculum leader in various secondary schools in Victoria and Queensland. Liz is currently tackling a PhD at Griffith University, researching how middle leaders in secondary schools develop their leadership practice.

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