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Supporting the Roll Out of Australian Curriculum V9 - New Resources

Elective | Helen Casey and Kerenza Misso | Saturday 24th of June - 10.45am | Leichardt Room


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Helen Casey

Manager, Curriculum policy, Teaching, Leadership, Rural and Remote


As an educator and school leader for over 30 years, Helen has had the privilege of teaching across Prep to Year 12 in Queensland state schools in diverse contexts and geographical locations.

In her current role of Manager of Curriculum policy, she has been privileged to lead the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in Queensland state schools since 2010. She has developed departmental policy positions, resources and capability development for the eight learning areas of the curriculum that have supported schools and teachers’ deep understanding of the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

With a team of dedicated officers, she provides stewardship for the P-12 curriculum, assessment and reporting framework, which sets out the requirements for all Queensland state schools ensuring that all students can access, participate and achieve educational success.

Her work includes the development of system-wide policy aligned IT infrastructure, resource and capability development in a variety of modes.

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Kerenza Misso

Acting Manager — Teaching, Leadership, Rural and Remote, Curriculum team


Kerenza has been with the Department of Education for over 30 years, beginning her teaching career as a secondary Mathematics and Science teacher. Throughout her career Kerenza has worked as a practitioner, curriculum specialist and education advisor in a variety of primary and secondary school contexts. Since joining the Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) team, she has written and led the development of P-10 teaching, learning and assessment resources and capability development to support implementation of the Australian Curriculum in Queensland state schools.

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